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What we do

Lobethal Bulk Foods is for people who want to reduce waste, eat organic and buy local. We focus on people who want to take control of their waste, the health and the environment. By being a part of this group you will be a healthy, eco-warrior supporting local growers.

If you are in the Adelaide Hills area, please join us in reducing plastic waste and increasing our consumption of delicious organic produce.

Better for your health and the planet.

How we got here

Tired of bringing home groceries wrapped in plastic, and forever filling up our bin with empty bags after decanting our goods into containers, I decided to take action. By creating a group of like-minded people, I figured I’d find out what we all used a lot of, buy it in bulk and distribute it amongst ourselves.

It began with a facebook page and invited a few people we thought might be interested. The goal was to get to 10 people – it seemed like a good number to make it work.

Within 24 hours, we had 100 people join the facebook page. I realised that there were a lot of people out there wanting to buy low-waste, organic food.

From there, we started ordering and soon had a troupe of regulars who have been integral in helping us define our values:

  • Wherever possible we prioritise locally sourced products
  • We aim to supply pesticide free and organic products
  • All waste generated is repurposed before it is recycled
  • Shopping with us is simple, convenient and suits your timetable

After a year we had over 300 people in our group and we were ready to take the next step on our journey.

The road ahead

We have now transitioned from being a group of people purchasing together to a sustainable business model.

We will come to you in our fitted-out van, and fill up your containers at your home. Alternatively, we can leave your goodies at your door in paper bags and boxes. The choice is yours.

If you’d like to join us, you can sign up to our mailing list here:

Or book a delivery:

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Location Servicing the Adelaide Hills, SA Phone 0466 108 011 Hours Delivery available 8am-8pm every day
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